Firemaster Productions custom designs each display to suit the location of the display. We will utilize beautiful and colourful shells accented with low-level items such as large calibre Roman Candles and multi-shot cakes.

Your display will be unique to your event and location.

All displays are computer designed and electrically fired for the optimum in precision and timing.



Hands down the strength of Firemaster Productions lies in our pyro-musicals. These are fireworks displays choreographed to a musical soundtrack. Not fireworks shot randomly to music.

These displays bring out the true emotion in your audience. Music can deliver specific emotions from past memories and situations, and combining them with the beauty of fireworks creates an emotional and exciting entertainment experience.

Firemaster Productions fires all pyro-musicals with the FireOne computer firing system.

All soundtracks are produced by our team of qualified sound technicians. They study all types of music and can suggest a specific soundtrack for a themed show. In addition, they can create a heart stopping show with the music you suggest.

Firemaster Productions can offer turn-key operations for pyro-musicals by hiring and coordinating the sound system and the necessary items for a successful display.


Thank you so much to all the photographers who provided us with images of our shows!