Enhance Your Special Day

Firemaster Productions produces approximately fifty (50) weddings each year at several establishments in Ontario. We are truly the wedding fireworks experts.

Your fireworks display will have such features as:

  • Quality product from up to six (6) different manufacturers.
  • Attention grabbing opening scene.
  • Beautiful and unique scenes with high quality product.
  • Amazing choreography by talented designers.
  • Dramatic finale clearly denoting the end of the program.
  • High quality European manufactured shell(s) for the last shot of the night.



Exciting. Colourful. Unique.

These are the defining characteristics of your fireworks display. The Bride and Groom are excited because it’s their wedding, and what better way to celebrate then with a colourful fireworks display in a great location.

We will produce a very full five (5) minute display with zero dark sky utilizing high quality aerial shells, multi-shot large calibre Roman Candles and multi-shot cakes. The majority of the display will contain multiple products discharging at the same time.

The final shot of the night will be a high quality Portuguese manufactured Gold Kamuro Aerial Shell containing a thick gold tail while it ascends. This shell will be a very large detonation in the sky, and will rain gold all the way to the ground.