Firemaster Productions has a large list of qualified and experienced technicians. Most of the technicians have been certified as a Display Fireworks Supervisor with Endorsements by the Explosives Regulatory Division. Our technicians have been involved in fireworks displays around the world. If you are interested in joining our team, or taking the Fireworks Display course, please visit our contact page.

Fearless Leaders

Firemaster Portraits_Sean.png

Sean Morris
President, Lead Designer

Fave Firework: Spanish Spider Shells
Fave Cake: Silver Kamuro Z-Shape
Fave Show: World Firework Championships in Blackpool, UK
Most Memorable Fireworks Moment: 
Standing on the roof at BC Place during the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Fave Food: Pizza
Fave Drink: Beer

Firemaster Portraits_Jodi.png

Jodi Morris
Owner, The Boss

Fave Firework: "Snore Sound Shells/ Spanish" they make people Laugh! 
Fave Cake: Chocolate! (With Chocolate icing of course!)
Fave Show: Parry Sound!
Most Memorable Fireworks Moment: Seeing the Blue Series of Stars Breaking! Beautiful! Or seeing the snipers on the roof tops at BC Place! 
Fave Food: Homemade Lasagna
Fave Drink: Hobgoblin or Green Tea

Firemaster Portraits_Mr. Kitty.png

Truck & Trailer Packing Inspector

Fave Firework: Anything far away from me. Too Scary... unless it's a Flying Fish. That sounds delicious.
Fave Cake: These are even scarier; they never end.
Fave Show: Which show is the farthest away from me? That's my favourite.
Most Memorable Fireworks Moment: The time I got locked in the trailer during my inspection. I almost made the trip to Newmarket on New Year's Eve. Thank goodness that guy opened the door to check something before they left.
Fave Food: Temptations Treats
Fave Drink:  Water from the dog's bowl.


The Amazing Crew


Adria Howe

*Bio Coming Soon

Firemaster Portraits_Bill Comfort.png

Bill Comfort

FFW: Spider Crossettes
FC: Pink Lady, Side car (lol!)
FS: Milton
FF: Pasta / Burger
FD: Ginger Ale

Firemaster Portraits_Bob.png

Bob Figsby

*Bio Coming Soon

Firemaster Portraits_Blucher.png

Brad Blucher

FFW: Farfallas
FC: Tourbillion Tornado
FS: Thamesville Threshing Festival
MMFM: The first time I felt a 12" shell's shockwave punch me in the chest; awe inspiring.
FF: Pizza, Because I am 5.
FD: Red Wine 

Firemaster Portraits_Brad.png

Brad Powell

FFW: One Shots & Strobe Shells
FC: Fan Cakes
FS: Royal Military College
MMFM: Berlin
FF: Pizza
FD: Rum

Firemaster Portraits_Brett.png

Brett Howe

FFW: Any canister - love the noise
FC: Dragon's Eggs
FS: Thunder Bay & Toronto
MMFM: My first show at a little party on Lake Ontario - Family. 
FF: Fettuccine
FD: Beer

Firemaster Portraits_Brett W.png

Brett Whatley

FFW: Silver Horsetails
FC: Purple Z-Fan
FS: Parent's House Boxing Day 2014 with Howe
MMFM: Hannover
FF: Lobster & Steak
FD: Cider


Bryan Ledgerwood

FFW: Really, really loud ones
FC: Super Factory (d’oh)
FS: Newmarket
MMFM: When stuff goes boom!
FF: Candy
FD: Liquid Candy

Chris Lovett-Doust

*Bio Coming Soon

Firemaster Portraits_Cristina.png

Cristina Wagner

FFW: Chrysanthemum
FC: I really like all of them
FS: Toronto show
MMFM: Listening to the boss, Sean, screaming with excitement when the show finale was going. Totally priceless!
FF: All types!
FD: Iced Tea & Beer :) 

Firemaster Portraits_Dan P.png

Dan Paradis

FFW: Burning School House
FC: Chocolate
MMFM: Kevin & Myself were at Copper Creek and the sprinkler system came on. We had to run & grab the firing board.
FD: Rickards Red

Firemaster Portraits_Evan.png

Evan Norris

FFW: Big Ones
FC: White Out
FS: Devils Pulpit on Canada Day
MMFM: Going out for my first show as an apprentice and being told they wanted me to fire the show.
FF: Brisket
FD: Single malts

Eric Kostiuk

FFW: All!!
FC: White Outs
FS: Canada Day, Midland
MMFM: Hamilton Private Show! Great food, great people, golf cart crash, cat that was actually a racoon!
FF: Pizza
FD: Coffee

Firemaster Portraits_Frank.png

Frank ‘The Tank’ Lombardo

FFW: Aurora Borealis
FC: Loud!
FS: Canada Day Harbourfront Center in Toronto
MMFM: Fly into Pukatawagon First Nation in a Sesna for Canada Day. Setup on a small island with large crucifix and prayer hat. Hand light a great show. Next morning wake up & the Chief invites me to be in the parade in the lead truck with her family... good time!
FF: Steak
FD: Caesar - Spicy!

Firemaster Portraits_Gord.png

Gord Shaw

FFW: 12"
FC: White Outs
FS: Toronto, London
FF: Everything
FD: Water

Firemaster Portraits_Greg.png

Greg Cooper

FFW: Brocade Crown
FC: Cranium Shrill
FS: Newmarket
MMFM: We forgot the wood!
FF: Chicken Wings
FD: Beer

Firemaster Portraits_Heath.png

Heath "The Hammer" Cronin

FFW: 12" Spanish/ 6", 7", 8", 10"
FC: White Out/Terminator
FS: Black Pool England World Championships
MMFM: Winning World Championship
FF: Whatever Sean buy's
FD: Coor's Light

Firemaster Portraits_Henry.png

Henry Friesen

FFW: Brocade Crown, Nauticals, Falling Rain
FC: Whiteout (when we run 4 of them in parallel, like at the Newmarket Show)
FS: Toronto Harbourfront (big, pyromusical, variety, colourful)
MMFM: Setting up the barge in Parry Sound last summer (with Bill)
FF: Steak n potatoes
FD: Corona

Firemaster Portraits_Ian.png

Ian Wagner

FS: Penetang followed by Mount Forest
MMFM: Fenelon Falls Show - Moments before firing a flock of geese & ducks starting swimming next to the mortors on shore. When the show started it was bird chaos.
FF: Good ribs & poutine
FD: A&W root beer float on a hot day

Firemaster Portraits_Jay.png

Jay Piper

*Bio Coming Soon

Firemaster Portraits_Justin T.png

Justin Trenholm

FFW: 6” brocade w/ Purple
FC: Giggle Fist
FS: Canada Day, any location! O'Canada
MMFM: First time firing a show, thanks Kit!
FF: Sheppards Pie
FD: Jägermeister

Firemaster Portraits_Kit.png

Kit Gillingham

FFW: Anything bigger than 6" :)
FC: Terminator/White Outs
FS: Any festival event
MMFM: All moments with Fireworks are memorable
FF: Any food is my favourite
FD: The liquid kind

Firemaster Portraits_Kevin.png

Kevin Radigan

FFW: Spanish Mines
FC: Joker
FS: The Thamesville Threshing Festival is the best example I've seen of a town punching above their weight.  They are committed to putting on an excellent show that puts some larger urban centres to shame.
MMFM: A ten inch comet flower-potted on the big demo range at Pyrotechnics Guild International convention, sending a geyser of molten gold erupting into the night sky.  The whole thing unfolded in slow motion as shiny yellow fire fell back down around us like leaves in autumn, covering the firing range.
FF: The kind from the snack cooler that Sean was saving for himself
FD: Double G&T

Firemaster Portraits_Meaghan.png

Meaghan Barraud

FFW: Brocade Crown
FC: Gonnagowacko
FS: Canada Day
MMFM: Firing my first show @ The Manor with Kit
FF: Sushi
FD: Sangria

Firemaster Portraits_Megan.png

Megan Radigan

FFW: Nautical's
FC: Anything with fish/hummers
FS: 1st Harbourfront Canada Day show
MMFM: A kid in the crowd at Waterdown screaming "This is the best day of my LIFE!!!!" during the show.
FF: Anything my mom cooks
FD: Ciders/Perrys

Patrick Parsons

FC: Sugar Factory


Peter Dzieciol

*Bio Coming Soon

Firemaster Portraits_Peter.png

Peter Weaver

FC: Big Bertha
FS: Thorold, Canada Day
MMFM: The grand finale at the OLG Canada Day Eve, 2014.
FF: Pizza
FD: Coke


Samantha Morris

FFW: That one giant gold nautical that we shot up at the cottage 2018
FC: Peacock Turbouillon
FS: Canada Day @ Parry Sound MMFM: Waiting to fire a show with Jodi when she turned to me and asked me "what are all those "memays"
FF: Pizza: light sauce, double pepperoni, cheese, well-done FD: Day old coffee that I left in the pot overnight

Firemaster Portraits_Sean Wogan.png

Sean Wogan

FFW: Crossettes
FC: 25C45M01-52
FS: Mount Forest
MMFM: Drinking beer until close to 6am in the boss's garage after a show.
FF: Hamburgers
FD: Beer, any kind

Firemaster Portraits_Baxter.png

Steve Baxter

FFW: Nautical's
FC: Chocolate
FS: Inniskillin
MMFM: Floating through Lake Muskoka on a barge full of fireworks
FF: Pizza
FD: Beer, Rickards Red

Firemaster Portraits_Steven.png

Steven Gircys

FFW: Sound Shells
FC: Elephant Snacks
FS: Canada Day at Wasaga
MMFM: Working on the barge in Hamilton
FF: Japanese Curry
FD: Coke Zero

Firemaster Portraits_Steve R.png

Steve Russell

FFW: Willow, Nautical's
FC: Lunar Something
MMFM: Working the 2010 Olympics and getting backstage access to the events. Also Harbourfront is pretty rad. My first professional display show was for the Clinton Foundation with Bill Clinton standing close by.
FF: Hot Turkey
FD: Beer


Tanya Richter

FC: Pink Lady
FS: In The Dark
MMFM: Private Party Golf Cart Tip Over
FF: Pasta
FD: Tea

Firemaster Portraits_Terry.png

Terry Foster

FFW: Crown Brocade, Camaro
 Big & Loud
FS: All of the Them
MMFM: Low breaks at shows are always fun!
FF: Chicken Wings
FD: Something cold 


Firemaster Portraits_Travis.png

Travis McDowell

FFW: All of them
FS: Virgil Stampede
MMFM: Going to set up my first show, lifting racks, loading shells. Then being told I'll be helping shoot part of the show. What a rush!
FF: Pizza